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Judy Coleman
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I guess from many years of being bounced from one home to another, her glee in a stable inside only home has this 13 year old Granny cat jumping for joy. When you look at her you can tell she is no spring chicken, but at 3am when you awake to a thundering herd of foot steps racing down the wood floor covered hall you wouldn't think this was your GRANNY cat. She is so full of spirit. I call her Granny Pissy because she doesn't mind showing you her good nor bad side. Often times I think she is a bit bi-polar, one minute she can't get enough of your love, then she will circle around you and climb up your back. At this point she might wack you in the back of the head or give you a startling love nip on the ear lobe.


With the other cats she shows no care for them and if they enter her turf there is a guaranteed swat coming their way and a possible rapid succession of them at that. And the dogs you ask, well in her grace she acts like a 100 lb great dane with my 30lb aussie x heeler, but runs like a scared child from a bee when it comes to my 5 lb chug.


I am glad Granny Pissy is here to live out her days. It has been a joy watching her many sides of personality. Having my feet warmed at night as she lay at the foot of the bed. And even when she refuses to let us sleep because she wants attention at 3am, decides to be a clutz and starts knocking things off the night stands, or is bounding down the hall like a herd of elephants. She has added a bit of comedy to our lives and amazement at her spryness in her older years.  And she is guaranteed to always keep you in check when it is time to get her love.


Do any of you have cute stories about your animals?



Judy Coleman

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March 16, 2010 at 11:01 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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